Weekly Tiffin Service

Suma Foods now offers Weekly tiffins offering complete meals with veg and non-veg options. Contact us today to sign up and enjoy!
  • Weekly tiffins available from Tuesday to Friday.
  • Starting at $50 for Veg, and $60 for Non-Veg.
  • Each package includes 25 chapatis.

Individual Items also available for sale. Click here to order full package. Click here to order individual items.


Menu for week of 9/28/2020:

Option Item Name  Price
Veg Item 1 Misal Pav $12.00
Veg Item 2 Baingan Bharta $12.00
Veg Item 3 Methi Potato $10.00
Daal Marathi Aamti $8.00
Non-Veg Chicken Curry $12.00
Chapatis $8.00

Please order by Monday night for Tuesday delivery.