About Us

Your one stop shop for all your Indian catering needs!

Established in 2003 as an “Assal” Marathi catering company, Suma Foods is a family owned and operated company that has evolved into a fresh Indian food solution for customers seeking a higher standard of food quality and service.

Suma Foods is your one stop shop for all Indian sweets and snacks. We specialize in authentic Maharashtrian cuisine. Maharashtrian cuisine is from Indian state of Maharashtra.

Maharashtrian food is mostly made with coconut and peanuts and various spices. Batata Vada, Thalipith, Misal Pav, Satyanarayana Puja prasad Sheera, Batata Bhaji, Masale Bhat ,Puran Poli are some of the favorite delicacies of Maharashtrian food. Suma Foods prepares customized no onion no garlic food for Puja and Festivals. You will get all tongue tickling delicacies at Suma foods. Suma Foods make and ship fresh Diwali Faral all over USA.

Suma Foods is committed to delivering authentic Indian products at affordable prices, striving to provide a high-quality & cost-effective value for each customer. Here at Suma Foods, all products are made fresh with premium quality ingredients. Suma foods values each and every customer as an extension of our family! Come visit us at our North Brunswick Store today!